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tv   KBS News  KTSF  February 3, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PST

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where teams compete to make the right decision about safe food preparation. our challenge in this round -- oven or microwave? to win, teams must choose the proper steps for safe meal preparation, read and follow package cooking instructions, and know when to use the conventional oven or the microwave. you're on the clock, so make your decisions quickly, but be warned -- make the wrong choice, and your meal will be unsafe! sorry, team 2, an unwise choice. check the cooking instructions on that package you've ripped open so quickly. dude, what?
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microwaves and conventional ovens both have a purpose. your challenge was to cook the dish safely. this means knowing which method of cooking to use, and you failed. we failed to read and follow the package cooking instructions and use a conventional oven. if you don't follow cooking instructions, some foods may be hot but may not have reached a safe internal temperature. use a food thermometer to be sure. we kept focus on reading and following the package cooking instructions. and we used the conventional oven and a food thermometer. can you cook it safe?
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everybody has a dream. mine was to see the ocean. and with a little help... i made it.
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announcer: here's to the things that can keep us safe. and, now, those that we carry with us everywhere will bring us wireless emergency alerts,
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with a unique sound and vibration, you'll be in the know, wherever you are.
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